Cafés to Visit Nearby Popular Accommodation Sites

Toronto has a love for restaurants and cafés, which draws food lovers from all over the world to come and visit the province and indulge in all the new food establishments. Top chefs from all over the world have opened cafés and restaurants in Ontario, which proves just how much passion for food there is.

Juniper Café – Kingston

Juniper Café is known for its beautiful views, locally handcrafted food, and a real home feel. Its situated right on the edge of Lake Ontario, adding so much more to the overall atmosphere of the café. Their ingredients are 70% locally sourced, showing their support for their community.

In close distance to Ottawa West Cottages.

Ritual Cafe – London

Ritual Café is based in London with a calming and fresh atmosphere known for specialty coffees. Visiting this café provides a lot of comfort with soft live music, couches, and natural light.

In close distance to Sugarbush Hill Country Cottages.

Red Brick Café – Guelph

The Red Brick is a lively café with coffee, craft beer, and constant live music performances to keep each visit entertaining. Other than having some of the best meals, coffees, and beers, they also showcase local art.

Close to Pine Grove Resort.

Café Oranje – Hamilton

Café Oranje is all about locally roasted coffee and accompanying it with a variety of baked goods that are specially suggested for the different roasts. The café is based on a traditional Dutch-style coffee house set in the Hamilton International Village. They offer great options for lunch, such as tasty sandwiches, smoked pork, and many gluten-free and vegan choices.

In close distance to Simply Comfort Apartments.

Cardinal Café & Shop – Sharbot Lake

Cardinal Café is known throughout Ontario as a café with a gorgeous exterior and great coffee. The café is set inside an old, restored church in Sharbot Lake. The café is located right next to the water providing a beautiful view of the lake and bringing a calm atmosphere while enjoying the perfect cup of coffee with a variety of baked goods.

In close distance to Blue Jay Waterfront Cottages.

Visiting any of the cafes on this list will provide food lovers with the perfect moments of indulging in great coffee and meals.